What is the type of our company, why we decided to launch this direction

We have been thinking for a long time about the form in which we want to see a new company and whether it is worth to launch this direction – accompanying the foreigners when entering higher education institutions to get an education abroad.

And we made a firm decision that, yes, we have a vision and understanding of educational processes, that we sincerely want to help each person to gain the knowledge he/she can put into practice, get the knowledge he/she can apply every day.

And then we had the questions: “If we had been the parents, what would we like for our children?”

And then we began to describe the processes of rendering services to the prospective students, his/her support in a new country for study abroad.

We quickly realized that we would like, firstly, that our children to go to study abroad only in the place where they would receive knowledge, and not just a document on education.

We have taken this point as a principle – the quality of education.

The quality of education - this point we laid as the foundation

We choose to work only those universities that meet the selection criteria in terms of the quality of education abroad in Ukraine, qualification of teachers, scientific facilities, laboratories, and the absence of corruption components

Secondly, we want the student to be given legal support. And for this purpose we have our own law firm, which will always provide free advices on issues related to the laws of Ukraine.

Further, we would like our children to be met at the airport, brought to the hotel, settled, and familiarized with the city. And we organized a service dealing with these issues.

So we have arranged for a service to deal with these issues.

How about admission? Where to go? What to do?

We have prepared this type of service, when we accompany the prospective student for admission exams of university for study abroad, recheck documents to be submitted, familiarize with the dean of the faculty, help to pay for bank receipts, help to be settled in a student dormitory at the university.

Can we do something else?

We can help to get an individual taxpayer number and open a bank account. We added support for obtaining a residence permit on the ground of study abroad in Ukraine, so that a student legally resides in the country, could come and go without additional visa operations, and has the maximum possible rights in a new country.

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On the importance of education

In our time, the world has infinitely rushed forward.

Every year people get more and more knowledge, make more and more discoveries. A breakthrough in science makes changes in the traditional learning process. And the educational programs previously available to citizens of all the states shall change today, because the information therein is outdated and loses its relevance.

A breakthrough in science is changing the way we learn. And those educational programs that were previously available to citizens of all countries, today must change, because the information in them is outdated and loses its relevance.

We choose the universities that can adapt to new rules in the world, to new markets and trends of education abroad, to scientific discoveries and technological progress, to new challenges that can be addressed only with a high level of education.

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