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Higher education in Ukraine without knowledge of the Ukrainian language

One of the advantages of getting a higher education abroad in Ukraine is that you can attend university without knowing Ukrainian or Russian from the beginning.

It is necessary to complete an annual study abroad program in Ukraine at the pre-university courses for foreigners prior to the main course of bachelor’s or master’s degree program. You will be able to master the Ukrainian and Russian by studying under an intensive program, in order to further study abroad in Ukrainian.

In addition, the students of the pre-university courses study general education subjects (mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, etc.), which they will need to pass exams in the chosen specialty. As a rule, the option of studies in the pre-university courses is a nine-month educational program, which includes an intensive language course and the study of thematic disciplines.

In addition, various events are held that help the applicants to get acquainted with the culture and customs of Ukraine, as well as to adapt to life in a new country.

The course of study begins, as a rule, from September to November and ends in June-July. Significantly, that it is not necessary to continue studies at same university on the main specialty where the training is completed.

You can choose any Ukrainian university. Indeed, after studying abroad at the pre-university courses, the foreign students receive state-recognized documents confirming their studies abroad at the pre-university courses in Ukraine.

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Private higher education institution "Kyiv International University" started its activity in 1994. Educational activity is carried out in accordance with the license of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to provide educational services. The mission of the University is to make a significant contribution to social development through research.

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