Transportation systems of cities

Transportation systems of cities

The purpose of studying abroad in Ukraine: the formation and development of general and professional competencies in the field of transport.

The training of foreign specialists who will receive education abroad is secured by the fundamental theoretical and practical training of highly qualified personnel who have acquired deep fundamental knowledge to carry out professional tasks and responsibilities of a research and innovative nature in the field of Transport, the ability to independently formulate and solve problems, scientific and practical and research activities.

The main focus of the educational program for foreign students who came to study abroad is based on the disciplines of the professional and practical, social and humanitarian, fundamental, natural-scientific and in-economic training cycles, they have an integrative nature, meaningful focus on special courses and educational disciplines.

Differences from other similar programs are the introduction of a practice-oriented training system, which provides for a synergy of theoretical and practical skills to ensure high quality training of foreign graduates who have come to study abroad.

Due to constant changes in modern transport technologies and systems, the program composition is periodically updated, which allows taking into account current development trends.

After passing training abroad in Ukraine, industry specialists are capable of carrying out such professional duties:

  • To solve complex tasks and problems in the field of Transport;
  • To initiate, develop and implement projects to improve production and technological processes in transport;
  • To conduct research within the framework of narrow specialization, identify problems, set tasks and solve them using appropriate research methods;
  • To develop and manage projects;
  • To evaluate and ensure the quality of the processes performed;
  • To organize the work of the team, as well as motivate and manage its work;
  • To use the principles of the formation of comprehensive knowledge about the organization and technology of transportation in combination with mathematical tools of the highest level to describe the functioning of the transport system and transport processes;
  • To develop mathematical models of transport operations and processes, relevant algorithms, computer programs and use existing ones;
  • To manage complex actions and projects, select staff to complete tasks, distribute project tasks among executors, the ability to motivate people;
  • To develop schemes for the delivery of goods in domestic and international communications using one or more modes of transport;
  • To apply modern logistic concepts in supply chain management;
  • To analyze and formulate conclusions for various types of complex management tasks in the transport industry;
  • To develop, organize and implement a project on the current topic of research in the field of transport technologies;
  • To analyze legislative acts on labor protection, civil protection and environmental protection;
  • To determine the economic and integrated types of efficiency for developed projects in the field of transport technologies;
  • To design cargo delivery systems in domestic and international communications using one or more modes of transport;
  • Compare several alternative schemes for different performance criteria;
  • To identify tactical tasks and strategic problems in transportation technologies both on international and domestic routes, to calculate indicators of transportation quality;
  • To use the capabilities of modern information and computer technologies in the planning and management of transportation and in real time;
  • To describe transport technology with top-level mathematical tools;
  • To use logistic concepts of supply chain management.

Foreign students who come to study abroad in Ukraine, after completing the full course, can occupy the following positions:

  • Engineer;
  • Transportation Management and Organization Engineer;
  • Transport Engineer at transport enterprises, in the management of public and passenger transport, transport and communications management in the region, district and city administration, in research laboratories of design institutes and forensic science institutes, in freight forwarding enterprises;
  • Engineer in the departments of training and retraining of employees;
  • Teacher of a higher educational institution, assistant in higher educational institutions;
  • Junior Researcher in transport research institutions, design organizations.

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