The purpose of studying abroad in Ukraine: the training of highly qualified foreign specialists, the formation of general and professional competencies for the successful implementation of professional activities in the field of tourism.

The main focus of the educational program for foreign students who came to study abroad, aimed at obtaining skills and knowledge in the field of tourism, provides for a certain employment, the possibility of further education and career growth.

The program allows you to comprehensively study the specifics of the tourism industry and the implementation of activities in the direction of tourist services.


Specialists after studying abroad in the field of tourism, own methods and technologies:

  • general and specially scientific: methods of spatial analysis, economic, sociological, psychological;
  • informational methods of tourist services: technological – production, interactive, service.

After graduating abroad in Ukraine under the educational program “Tourism”, foreign students receive the educational level of higher education: Bachelor.

Qualification in the diploma is specialist in tourist services.

After completing education abroad in Ukraine, industry specialists are capable of implementing such professional duties:

  • Professionally operate with geographical information regarding the definition of key characteristics and properties of tourist and tourist-recreational resources;
  • Determine the territorial organization and assess the potential resource of countries, regions on the state and prospects of development of species tourism;
  • Conduct regional studies about conditions of the development of tourism in a certain territory;
  • Apply defining principles and conceptual approaches to the economic valuation of natural resources;
  • Diagnose the state of the marketing environment of tourism enterprises and organizations;
  • Conduct comprehensive marketing research and monitoring of the tourism services market
  • Develop various tourist services programs;
  • To organize the provision of animation services to various categories of tourists;
  • Develop and organize the process of excursion services for tourists and excursionists;
  • Provide travel reservation services;
  • To organize the process of servicing tourists in the process of using a tourist product;
  • To compile, draw up and operate tourist documentation in the process of formation and implementation of a tourist product;
  • To develop various types of tours, taking into account the needs of target groups of consumers of tourism services;
  • Determine adequate market needs, list of tourist destinations and travel geography;
  • Determine the tourist offer of the tour operator for the implementation of the tour, using the collected geographical and marketing information, statistical and planning documentation and standard methods;
  • To diagnose the state of the marketing environment of tourism enterprises, organizations and trends in the development of the tourism market;
  • Draw up tourist documentation: documents for the departure of individual tourists, tourist groups, observing the requirements of the current legislation and the legislation of the countries of entry: agreements on tourist services, bills, tourist documents, etc.;
  • To determine and satisfy the individual demand of consumers of tourism services, to form inclusive recreation programs;
  • Identify channels for the sale of tourism products based on the study of the capabilities of potential partners and corporate clients;
  • Organize after-sales customer service, determine the criteria for the quality of service, carry out of claims work;
  • Make settlements with tourists for custom-made tourist services, processing an invoice account and control for its payment;
  • Introduce rational methods of booking services using information technology;
  • To organize and conduct tourist support;
  • Organize and plan excursion activities;
  • Prepare control and individual excursion texts
  • Create a technological map of the tour
  • Identify risks and ensure the safety of tourist trips.

Foreign students who came to study abroad in Ukraine, after completing the full course, can borrow the following positions:

  • travel services specialist;
  • travel organizer (excursions);
  • travel consultant;
  • instructor of health and sports tourism;
  • tourism inspector;
  • Travel Safety Specialist


  • in travel agencies, firms and travel bureau;
  • in the office of state authorities and local self-government;
  • in representative offices of international companies.

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