Organization of international transportation

Organization of international transportation

The purpose of studying abroad in Ukraine: to provide theoretical and practical training of highly qualified competitive specialists in transport technologies who possess modern theoretical knowledge, skills in the professional field.

The main focus of the educational program for foreign students who come to study abroad is based on the training of highly qualified specialists who are capable of practical activities in organizing the process of international transportation of goods and passengers on the basis of acquired professional competencies.


After passing training abroad in Ukraine, industry specialists are capable of performing such professional duties:

  • To solve complex specialized tasks for the infrastructural support of transport and technological processes, which involves the application of the methods of organization and functioning of integrated transport structures to organize the transportation of goods and the movement of passengers in international traffic;
  • To understand the structure and relationship between relevant transport organizations at different levels of government;
  • To navigate the legislative framework, know the current state of transport and customs legislation;
  • To navigate a complex of technical means and be able to choose them in accordance with the conditions of transportation, transport characteristics of goods and customer requirements;
  • To use modern methods of designing, organizing and managing transport and technological processes of cargo delivery and passenger transportation, including the interaction of various modes of transport;
  • Organization of the process of international transportation of goods and passengers, taking into account the conditions of international transport cooperation;
  • Planning and organizing customs and transport activities for given resources and in a competitive environment;
  • Management of foreign trade operations and organization of transport services for foreign economic activity;
  • Possession of modern information resources and specialized software in the field of transport technologies;
  • To form rational routes of automobile and multimodal transportation, taking into account technical and technological innovations, the requirements of service and production and technological quality of the transport process;
  • To analyze and develop traffic management schemes on the street-road network of cities and the network of public roads;
  • To determine the economic characteristics of the international transportation processes and provide insurance in international transport systems;
  • To use the knowledge of transport geography for technical and technological indicators when performing international transport ations;
  • To select the necessary provisions from the laws on labor protection and human safety to solve professional problems with transport technologies;
  • To analyze the current state of transport and customs legislation, own professional terminology, describe the structure and relationship between the respective transport organizations at different levels of government;
  • To determine the transport characteristics of goods, the characteristics of cargo flows and the performance of freight vehicles;
  • To choose containers, packaging, tools of pallletizing, containerization as well as freight vehicles. To label cargo containers and vehicles in accordance with international standards;
  • To plan, organize, manage, keep records and control of freight and passenger traffic for various methods of organizing the movement of vehicles;
  • To select a set of technical means of transport and technical means of customs control according to various criteria and determine the main indicators of the effectiveness of their use in specified operating conditions;
  • To plan and manage the resource support of transportation technologies. Analyze, justify technological resources and procedures in freight and passenger transportation projects;
  • To design, organize and control the functioning of transport-terminal systems. Analyze, plan, organize, keep records and control of terminal operations with goods;
  • To form rational transportation routes, transport and technological delivery schemes, choose rational transportation technologies, types of connections and their technical support;
  • To use modern technologies, information resources and software to solve professional problems with transport technologies, including in the implementation of foreign trade operations;
  • To use research methods for parameters of road conditions, characteristics of traffic flows, assessment of traffic conditions and means of traffic management to increase the efficiency and safety of the functioning of transport systems;
  • To plan, organize and manage customs and transport activities in a competitive environment;
  • To organize the work of storage facilities and inventory management. To organize the processing of freight flows taking into account the throughput capacity of terminal, customs and road infrastructure facilities;
  • To use mathematical methods and models for calculating technical and technological indicators of road vehicles during international transportations.

Foreign students who came to study abroad in Ukraine, after completing the full course, can occupy the following positions:

  • Road Transport Dispatcher;
  • International Traffic Dispatcher;
  • Transportation Service Dispatcher;
  • Dispatcher – Instructor;
  • Freight Forwarder;
  • Road Transport Engineer;
  • Transportation Service Engineer;
  • Technician;
  • Attendant at transport and forwarding enterprise;
  • Passenger Service Administrator.

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