International Relations

International Relations

International relations, public communications and regional studios.

The purpose of studying abroad in Ukraine:

  • To form a professional worldview of a specialist in international relations, able to solve complex theoretical and practical problems and problems in international relations and foreign policy, regional studies, national and regional security;
  • To analyze international interactions between states, international organizations and non-state actors, envisages the application of theories of international relations, foreign policy and international communications;
  • To acquire competencies for the analysis of international relations and foreign policy of states, as well as for effective work in the areas of foreign policy and international cooperation, by mastering a system of professional competencies;
  • To develop the ability to apply the acquired knowledge, skills, abilities and understanding from professional disciplines to solve the typical tasks of practical activity of a specialist in international relations;
  • Obtain in-depth knowledge of the theory and practice of international relations, foreign policy, national and regional security, conflictology, international communications, development of international regions;
  • Obtain qualifications for comprehensive analysis and forecasting of the development of international relations and foreign policy of states, as well as effective work in the field of foreign policy, international cooperation and international relations.

Specialists, after studying abroad in international relations, are able to: be mobile, qualified and competitive, adequately communicate and interact in a global environment.

Training of a new generation of international relations specialists – analysts, researchers and managers with a mentality of professionals who are global thinkers, able to identify and effectively use the opportunities of the international environment, ready to respond adequately and in a timely manner to its challenges.

Modern society requires specialists in the field of international relations who understand how companies operate, particularly in what economic, political and cultural environment they operate.

Companies need not only specialists to implement international strategies, but above all global managers who are able to represent and defend the interests of their companies in foreign government bodies and public organizations.

Professional training of foreign students of international specialists, who received education abroad, aimed at forming and further development of their professional competence and competitive level of qualification, obtaining deep theoretical knowledge and practical skills in international relations.

The main focus of the educational program for foreign students who came to study abroad is based on the classical scientific results of practical experience of training specialists in international relations, taking into account the current state of international relations, focuses on the current state of foreign policy processes, based on the historical development of international relations, on the analysis of foreign policy of the world.

After studying abroad in Ukraine under the educational program “International Relations” foreign students receive an educational level of higher education: Bachelor of International Relations.

Specialists of the industry after studying abroad in Ukraine are able to perform such professional duties:

  • Understand the basics of diplomatic and consular service, diplomatic protocol and etiquette, conduct diplomatic and business correspondence in Ukrainian and foreign languages;
  • To understand international relations in various contexts, in particular political, security, legal, economic, social, cultural and informational;
  • To study the problems of international relations, to prepare and carry out public approbation of research results;
  • To understand the foundations of modern international law, its influence on the structure and dynamics of international relations and the foreign policy of states;
  • To understand the foundations of the modern world economic system and structure of international economic relations, their impact on the structure and dynamics of international relations and foreign policy of states;
  • An understanding of international integration processes, mainly on the European continent;
  • To understand the characteristics of development of countries and regions, peculiarities and regularities of global processes and the place of individual states in them;
    Understanding the basics of geopolitics and geostrategy;
  • Apply knowledge on international conflictology and negotiation theory;
    Apply in-depth knowledge of foreign policy of the world’s countries;
  • Define political, diplomatic, defense, public, legal, economic and other risks in international relations and global processes;
  • Analyze and assess conceptual approaches to solving problems in international relations and foreign policy;
  • Analyze information about the state of international relations, foreign policy of Ukraine and other states, prepare information and analytical documents, observing the norms and rules of their registration;
  • Assess the events of international life, processes in the sphere of international cooperation and international security, the state of interaction and conflict in international systems;
  • To carry out activities in diplomatic and other spheres related to international cooperation;
  • To conduct research in the sphere of international relations, foreign policy, regional studies and international communications, to prepare and publish reports on the results of research;
  • Conducting business discussions in the sphere of international relations and foreign policy.

International students who came to study abroad in Ukraine, after completing a full course, may take up positions:

  • Diplomatic representative;
  • Consultant, adviser, expert on international relations issues;
    Head of foreign policy and foreign economic activity departments;
  • Historian-political scientist, political observer;
  • Assistant to the head of the enterprise;
  • Referent;
  • Diplomatic courier;
  • Attaché;
  • Vice-Consul;
  • Secretary of the Diplomatic Agency.

After completing training abroad in Ukraine, a specialist can work in:

  • embassies;
  • the secretariat of the Parliament;
  • ministries and departments;
  • public authorities;
  • domestic and foreign firms and representative offices;
  • commercial structures working in the field of foreign policy activities;
  • international organizations;
  • mass media.

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