International economic relations

International economic relations

The purpose of studying abroad in Ukraine: to train specialists with in-depth knowledge, as well as basic and professional competencies to ensure effective operations in international markets.

The main focus of the educational program for foreign students who come to study abroad, aimed at fundamental managerial and general economic education, offers a comprehensive approach to the administration of entrepreneurship of small and medium enterprises through theoretical training and practical training, focused on the use of modern information technologies.


It contains a set of professionally oriented disciplines in international economic relations, providing for the mastery of: paradigms, laws, principles, historical prerequisites for the development of international economic relations; functions and technologies for the implementation of international economic relations; methods of implementation and assessment of international economic relations: methods of economic diagnostics, methods of forecasting and planning international economic activity; methods of organizing motivation and control in the implementation of economic activity in the field of international economic relations; methods for assessing the effectiveness of international economic relations, etc.

After studying abroad heading of “International Economic Relations”, specialists are able to apply the knowledge and skills of fundamental and professionally oriented disciplines to solve typical tasks of specialists, who are able to solve practical problems and complex specialized problems in the field of international economic relations.

After graduating abroad in Ukraine under the educational program “International Economic Relations”, foreign students receive the educational level of higher education:

  • Bachelor of International Economic Relations;
  • Qualification in a diploma is a specialist in international economic relations.

After completing education abroad in Ukraine, industry specialists are capable of implementing such professional duties:

  • To solve complex specialized tasks and practical tasks in the field of international relations in general and international economic, providing for the use of the newest theories and methods in the implementation of complex studies of world economic relations;
  • To undertake research of economic phenomena and processes in the international sphere, taking into account causality and spatial-temporal relationships;
  • Use regulatory and legal acts regulating professional activities;
  • To justify the feasibility of applying economic and diplomatic methods for resolving conflict situations at the international level;
  • Apply knowledge in the field of international economic relations using regulatory documents, reference materials;
  • Fulfill a comprehensive analysis and monitoring of world market conditions, assess and be able to adapt to changes in the international environment;
  • To analyze the international markets of goods and services, tools and principles of regulation of international trade;
  • Apply basic knowledge, analyze theories and mechanisms for implementing international monetary and financial, credit relations;
  • Motivate and develop an effective system of labor organization, conduct research in group under the guidance of a leader, taking into account the requirements and characteristics of the present;
  • Use modern information and communication technologies in the field of international relations;
  • Interpret the content of the rule of law using the basic concepts of law;
  • Design and build a team, acquire and use interpersonal skills and abilities, work coherent and efficiently, establish effective interaction in a team;
  • To explore economic phenomena and processes in the international sphere based on an understanding of mathematical categories and principles of economic and mathematical modeling;
  • Assess the events of international life, processes in the field of international cooperation and international security, the state of interaction and conflict in international systems;
  • Identify political, diplomatic, defense, social, legal, economic, environmental and other risks in the field of international relations and global processes;
  • Draw up foreign economic contracts
  • To analyze the results of the organization, compare them with the factors of the external and internal environment, determine development perspective of the organization
  • Own a methodology for the analysis of modeling and forecasting social and economic phenomena and processes at various levels of management;
  • To calculate and assess indicators of the development of foreign trade of states, the effectiveness of export / import activities of their entities, in general, the volume and dynamics of international trade.

Foreign students who came to study abroad in Ukraine, after completing the full course, can borrow the following positions:

  • International Trade Economist;
  • Foreign Economic Expert;
  • Financial and Economic Security Analyst;
  • Investment Analyst;
  • Statistician economist;
  • Market Development Specialist;
  • Economic consultant;
  • Product Market Research Analyst;
  • Economist in Accounting and Business Analysis;
  • Logistics Economist;
  • Economic consultant;
  • Economic Observer;
  • Economic adviser;
  • Sales economist;
  • Labor economist;
  • Economist;
  • Contract and Claims Economist;
  • Customs agent for formalization of cargoes and goods.

After graduating abroad in Ukraine, a specialist can work in:

  • embassies;
  • ministries and departments;
  • structural units of public authorities;
  • local and foreign firms and representative offices of commercial, banking institutions working in the field of foreign policy;
  • international organizations.

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