Industrial design

Industrial design

The purpose of studying abroad in Ukraine: the formation and development of general and professional competencies in the field of design.

Training of foreign specialists who have been educated abroad, able to solve complex creative problems and practical problems in the field of design, providing for professional scientific and design studies, professional innovations in the design process of industrial, domestic, public, social and cultural facilities in all spheres of human life with prevailing specifics of the transport industry.

The main focus of the educational program for foreign students who come to study abroad is based on the formation of professional qualities of future designers, in the process of design education are possible which in the course of design education are possible only subject only to the multifaceted and harmonious development of the personality of specialists.

The creative process of the designer is based on the main components of fine art, on the synthesis of arts, on emotionally associative concepts and the formation of sensations of harmony and figurativeness of color, musical composition, poetry, plastic form, classical and latest principles of geometric proportionality, symbolism, as well as perfect mastery of scientific laws of bionics, ergonomics and engineering psychology.

Specialists, after studying abroad in the field of industrial design, are able to master the methods of substantive and social filling of the project with professional methods of scientific, creative and practical work, the essence of heuristic methods of design activity, means of creative design activity, and the requirements for complex design design of multi-level objects.

After passing training abroad in Ukraine, industry specialists are capable of implementing such professional duties:

  • ability to solve complex tasks and problems in the field of design;
  • to generate new ideas;
  • to identify, pose and solve problems;
  • to work in an international context;
  • to develop and manage projects;
  • to carry out conceptual design of design objects taking into account functional, technical, technological, environmental and aesthetic requirements;
  • to conduct a project analysis of all influential factors and components of the design and formation of the author’s concept of the project;
  • to protect intellectual property in works of art and design;To apply expressive art-plastic possibilities of various types of materials, innovative methods and technologies in the practice of design;
  • to apply methods of using hardware and software of computer technologies;
  • to conduct effective economic activity in the field of design;
  • to create a marketable and socially responsible design product;
  • to generate ideas for the development of creative design proposals, build a high-quality and extensive communication system, apply the basic concepts of visual communication in the artistic and cultural fields;
  • to develop, form and control the main stages of the project;
  • to form design components within the framework of design concepts;
  • to have artistic and artistic forms of social responsibility;
  • to critically interpret theories, principles, methods and concepts from different subject areas to solve tasks and problems in the field of design;
  • to carry out pre-project analysis, taking into account all significant factors affecting the design object;
  •  to formulate the author’s concept of the project;
  • to apply the methodology of conceptual design and carry out the design process taking into account modern technologies and design solutions, as well as functional and aesthetic requirements for the design object;
  • to apply modern methods and technologies of scientific analysis to form the author’s concept;
  • to determine the aesthetic problems of design schools and trends, taking into account the genesis of the modern art process in design;
  • have a synthetic idea of ​​the history of the formation of modern visual culture;
  • to possess intellectual property protection techniques;
  • to apply the rules for registration of intellectual property rights;
  • to apply innovative methods and technologies for working with material;
  • To manage the design product development process at various stages of branding and rebranding.

Foreign students who come to study abroad in Ukraine, after completing the full course, can occupy the following positions:

  •  Designer;
  • Industrial Product Designer;
  • Designer of industrial facilities.

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