The purpose of studying abroad in Ukraine: training specialists who have modern economic thinking, theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to solve the problems of the subject area.

The need for economists is determined in organizations and institutions of various types, where it is necessary to plan, calculate and spend money, analyze the results of activities and offer solutions to problem situations.

The main focus of the educational program for international students who came to study abroad is based on the integration of knowledge in micro- and macroeconomics, marketing, finance, economic analysis, statistics, information technology.


In modern conditions of the state there is a reformation of theoretical and practical competences on development of economic relations at macro-, meso- and microeconomic levels.
Economy plays a significant role in the structure of market relations as an important instrument of formation of GDP and implementation of state economic policy.

The state uses the economic system as an instrument of realization of its social and economic functions, as it reflects a complex system of redistributive relations in the society, covering all spheres and links of the economy.

The need for time makes it necessary to develop a high level of economic activity.
authorities, state and financial institutions, pension funds, insurance funds, credit unions, settlement centers, collection departments, commercial banks, business, government agencies, investment companies.

It is no longer enough to know the system of national economy, but also the world system of economy to work in the sphere of economy.

This is explained by the fact that the reform of economic processes has received the attention without exaggeration of the whole society, so the need for time calls for the development of high professionalism of economic specialists capable of working in the new reformed conditions.

After studying abroad in the field of “Economics“, specialists are able to apply the knowledge and skills of economic processes and regularities of functioning and development of economy, strategy of enterprises, potential and their development.

The program is focused on modern professional and scientific achievements in the field of economic disciplines, takes into account the specifics of the economic service of the enterprise of various forms of ownership, focuses on current specializations, in which a foreign student who came to study abroad, determines the professional and scientific career.

At the heart of the professional activity of a modern economist:

  • skills of analysis of tendencies and perspectives of economic system development at the level of territorial units, region and state as a whole;
  • planning, calculation of efficiency and determination of expediency of investment projects at all levels, justification of directions of investment climate development as a factor of
    of economic development;
  • material, labor and financial cost planning, rational use of all kinds of resources;
  • definition of internal and external factors of influence on economic results of production and realization of production, profitability, financial condition of solvency of the enterprise;
  • increase of efficiency of activity of the enterprise, taking into account the analysis of its financial and economic activity, development of measures on maintenance of a mode of economy;
  • the substantiation, from the chosen directions of activity is profitable, the project should be suspended or closed at all.

After studying abroad in Ukraine under the educational program “Economics” foreign students receive a degree:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Economics;
  • Professional qualification – economist;
  • Academic qualification – specialist in economics.

Specialists of the industry after studying abroad in Ukraine are able to perform such professional duties:

  • Solve complex specialized tasks and practical problems in the field of economics and in the process of training, provides the application of theories and methods of economic science;
  • To use normative and legal acts, regulating professional activity;
  • To apply economic and mathematical methods and models for solving economic problems;
  • To apply computer technologies of data processing for the decision of economic problems, realization of the information analysis and preparation of analytical reports;
  • To analyze and solve problems in the sphere of regulation of economic and social and labor relations;
  • To predict socio-economic processes on the basis of standard theoretical and econometric models;
  • Identify problems of economic nature in the analysis of specific situations, to propose ways to solve them;
  • Define labour market segmentation, structure of supply and demand, employment and unemployment;
  • To analyze the functioning and development of economic entities, the state of functional subsystems of enterprises, organizations and institutions;
  • To analyze problems and phenomena in one or more professional spheres within a specialty;
  • Use economic terminology, explain the basic concepts of micro- and macroeconomics;
  • To carry out the analysis of functioning and development of subjects of management, to define functional spheres, to calculate the corresponding indicators characterizing productivity of their activity;
  • Use information and communication technologies to solve social and economic problems, to prepare and present analytical reports.

International students who came to study abroad in Ukraine, after completing a full course, may take up positions:

  • Economist;
  • Specialist in financial and economic security;
  • Head of the enterprise;
  • Head of departments in commercial service, wholesale, exchange and retail trade;
  • Head and Chief Specialist of functional divisions in state and local authorities;
  • Accountant;
  • Financial expert;
  • Financial analyst;
  • Auditor;
  • Specialist in corporate governance;
  • Asset Management Specialist.

After completing training abroad in Ukraine, a specialist can work in activities related to:

  • Economic calculations and forecasting;
  • Project analysis and business planning;
  • Assessment of creditworthiness and reliability of legal entities or individuals;
  • Organization of remuneration and incentives for work;
  • Financial activity: financial leasing, operations in financial markets, control and regulation of the asset portfolio;
  • Market research and analysis;
  • Sales and sales organization;
  • Material and technical support of the enterprise and its divisions;
  • Consultations in questions of commercial activity and management;
  • Management of the enterprises;
  • Public administration.

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