Automobile transport

Automobile transport

The purpose of studying abroad in Ukraine: training of foreign specialists who have received education abroad, who have received basic professional knowledge for performance of professional tasks and duties of applied character in the field of transport and scientific activity.

The demand for engineering and technical specialists in road transport in Ukraine is constantly growing every year both within the whole country and worldwide.

This is greatly facilitated by the development of the transport industry.

In recent years, more than 7,000 officially registered automobile service centres and car maintenance stations and about 100,000 road transport enterprises have been established.


Specialists of the industry after studying abroad in Ukraine are able to perform such professional duties:

  • Solving complex specialized tasks and practical problems in the field of professional activity involves the application of certain theories and methods of the relevant science;
  • To use mathematical methods in road transport;
  • To analyze and evaluate experimental data;
  • Analyze and structure problems of motor transport enterprise and development of solutions;
  • Analyse the business environment, the road transport and car service market;
  • Determination of the technical condition of transport machine elements;
  • Development of design solutions and repair equipment diagrams;
  • Management of technological processes of machinery repair and maintenance, production management, quality control;
  • Carry out diagnostics of machines and equipment, products and structures, knowledge of technological processes of repair and restoration works;
  • Implement measures to improve technical and operational performance of machinery and equipment.

International students who have come to study lungee in Ukraine may hold positions after completing a full course:

  • Mechanics;
  • The mechanics of the car column;
  • The mechanic on repair of transport;
  • Mechanics of production;
  • The mechanics of the site;
  • The mechanic on repair of transport;
  • The mechanic on repair of the equipment;
  • Technique for automation of production processes;
  • Technics for operation and repair of equipment;
  • Technique for mechanization of labor-intensive processes;
  • Technique-technologist;
  • Technique-constructor;
  • Engineer for technical supervision;
  • Engineer for traffic safety;
  • Motor transport inspector;
  • Traffic Safety Auditor;
  • Industrial, technical and economic Auditor.

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